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"Baila Date" is played best with your partner.
May the the relationship be in a beginning phase or already in a comitted one,
this card game fills the evening with dreams, fantasies and wishes.

By playing Baila Date you have a change to talk
about topics you usualy don't talk everyday.

"Date" on a hot evening is lika a cherry on the cake,
strawberry on whipcream, roses on the bed or hot chocolate
in a cold winter night infront of a fireplace.

"Baila Date" is quality time for two.
Sexy, seductive, hot ja romantic.

"Baila Date" is an ideal relationship game for two.

This game includes gaming cards like:

Baila Date Passionate Kiss


When last time you kissed your partner really romantically? Now is the perfect moment to show that the spark hasn't gone anywhere. Kiss your partner passionately.

Baila Date Fantasy


You set the atmosphere. Do you think it's getting hot? It's time to tease your partner and remove a piece of clothing of your own choice. Do it in a sexy way! It is allowed to ask your partner to assist you.

... and many other naughty tasks.

Baila Date Meaningfull Gift


Do you remember that headache while looking for a present before Christmas or your partner's birthday? Probably your partner felt the same way. Please say what kind of a present you desire the most.