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BAILA 2 is an extra game to Baila cards.

This game is played the exact same way as the green Baila cards. At least with 3 players and everybody should have an individual drink. The cards need to be layed in the center of the table and in the middle should be an empty class.

The biggest differents betwene Baila 2 and the green Baila cards is that it consists of 14 totaly different rules like "Tabu", "Buddy", "Baarman", "Vip" and many others.

The goal of the game (if one preferes to consume alcohol) is not to get as meny people as much drunk as possible :) We want to bring people more positive experience in the daily life.

To Sum up: Baila 2 is probably the best party game ever!

Tip: To play a special combo mix the
green Baila cards and Baila 2 cards together ;)

This game includes cards like:

Baila 2 Seven


"The players will start counting numbers in ascending order, starting from one. If the number has a 7 in it or if the number can be divided by 7, the player must say “Baila" instead of the number and the direction of counting will change. The person who makes a mistake must take a sip of his or her drink as punishment."

Baila 2 Celebrity


"The person who draws the card will name a category and a letter with which the name and surname or artist name of a celebrity must begin. The player following the person who draws the card will start with naming. The one who fails to name a celebrity must take a sip of their drink."

Baila 2 Yes Man


“The person drawing the card must answer “Yes!" to absolutely all questions aimed at him or her. If he or she answers differently, the Yes Man must take sip from his or her drink as punishment. The title will be transferred to a person who draws a new Yes Man card."